Sous. A magnificent restoration of the church

The scaffolding finally removed, the superb restored wall of the church of Saint-Pierre de Sous is open for all to see.

A remarkable work when we remember the state of this wall of some 184 m2 which was badly damaged even 1 month and a half ago. When the mason updated this stone wall of the Adour, the Mayor and the elected officials of Souess immediately took the decision to highlight this heritage that tells so well the history of the municipality.

On old lithographs dated 1425 and 1543, the church already appears in the village. The old bell tower, demolished in 1863, will be rebuilt in 1864 and the first restoration of the church dates from 1875. This means that this building is part of the heritage and has punctuated for centuries all the happy or unhappy moments of the life of the inhabitants of the village.

The current restoration gives a very special light to the church that can be admired as soon as you enter the heart of the village.

Wherever you come from, you can only be seized by the light that now emanates from this alignment of bricks and pebbles from the Adour that form this proud facade. Recall that since the Concordat (1802) the churches belong to the municipalities and that the restoration of these buildings is their responsibility.

Now it is a question of continuing the restoration by the facade wall and the church hall but we have learned that the steps are already underway to include this project in the 2023 budget. Note that the current restoration has benefited from a state grant that the municipality had requested.

A big congratulations for this remarkable restoration and noticed by all.