Ukraine: The World Zionist Organization Transmits A Map Of Jewish Heritage Sites To Russia

The locations of Jewish heritage sites in Ukraine were conveyed to Anatoly Viktorov, the Russian ambassador to Israel, on Wednesday by Yaakov Hagoel, the president of the World Zionist Organization (WZO).

This initiative was taken in order to anticipate the damage that could be caused to these sites by the Russian military.

Ukraine is indeed home to very important heritage sites of the Jewish cultural and religious heritage. Among them are memorial sites and monuments to the victims of the Holocaust, such as those in Babi Yar, Lviv and Donetsk, Jewish cemeteries, synagogues and graves of important Jewish figures.

The map transmitted to the Russian ambassador was created as a result of a field survey specially conducted by the WZO.

It showed that a number of sites have already been damaged, and many are at risk of collateral damage due to the fighting raging in some parts of the country.

Anatoly Viktorov said that he would forward the document to Moscow as soon as possible.

« As a national organization of the Jewish people working for the sustainability of its existence and heritage, we must do everything in our power to preserve these sites for future generations, » Yaakov Hagoel said.